• Family and Consumer Science Classes 2023-2024

    Mrs. Price – Rooms C 10



    Classroom Rules:

    1. All IPHS rules and procedures in the IPHS Handbook will be followed.
    2. Listen when the teacher is speaking, do not talk.
    3. Students should come to class prepared with materials and a pencil/pen.
    4. Food/drinks are allowed during cooking labs only. Water in clear container is allowed daily.
    5. Students will sit in chairs provided, not on countertops or tables.
    6. Students will be allowed in refrigerators, food pantries and cabinets only for cooking labs
    7. Ovens and other kitchen equipment are to be turned on only during cooking labs.
    8. Kitchen stations are to be left clean and neat at the end of each lab class, as part of student’s lab grade.
    9. Cheating on any assignment/test will result in a disciplinary referral and a zero (0) for the work, which may not be retaken or corrected for a passing grade.
    10. Students will sit in the seat assigned to them; tables or chairs may not be moved within the room.


    Instruction, Goals and Objectives:

    Courses this year: Dollars & Sense, Nutrition & Wellness, and Child Development. The goal is to prepare students to think creatively and critically in making decisions to improve the quality of their lives. Throughout my classes, my students will deal with the topics of home and kitchen basics, families in today’s world, pregnancy and childbirth, caring for children, budgeting, consumer needs/wants, lifetime relationships, and many other family life issues that they will be faced with throughout their lifespan.


    The Family and Consumer Science Program:

    · Provides students with knowledge and skills necessary to become competent in the work of the home and workplace today and in the future.

    · Prepares students to manage resources and utilize technology for the well-being of family and society.

    · Prepares students to think creatively and critically in making decisions to improve their quality of life.

    · Prepares students to become responsible citizens and leaders in family, community, and work settings.

    · Prepares students for careers in the family & consumer science, and human service fields.

    · Prepares students for making the transition from school to career, and/or family to career.



    Grading Scale:

    40% classroom work, participation                      60% tests, quizzes, labs, projects


    Tutorials: Please do not hesitate to ask for help. My conferences are second and sixth periods. I am available before school Monday through Thursday and after school on Mondays and Thursdays for tutorials. You must sign up and let me know what you need to work on so we can both be prepared.



     ** (Please complete and return the lower portion to Mrs. Price) **





    We have read the information above regarding Family and Consumer Science classes, and understand that it is a requirement to abide by the classroom rules and all rules/procedures stated in the IPHS Handbook. Consequences will be enforced if rules and/or procedures are broken. 


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    Printed name of student                           Student Signature                                  Date  


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    Signature of Parent                                 contact phone number for parent              Date


    Parent email address: ________________________________________________________________



    IPHS Classroom Disciplinary Actions:


    Verbal warnings- will be given for first time minor breaking of rules or disruptions.


    Parent contact- will be made for first repeat of minor rule breaking or classroom disruptions.


    Electronic discipline referral turned in after class- for continual repeated offenses, use of profanity, leaving class without permission, refusal to accept discipline from teacher.


    Electronic discipline referral immediately to office- for disrespect toward school personnel, threats (oral or written), fighting, sexual misconduct, bullying/harassment, or breaking of any major rules set forth in the IPHS Student Handbook.