• Career and Technology Department

    Kim Price
    Child Development, Dollars and Sense, PALS, Intro to Culinary Arts
    LeAnn Scharbrough Principles of Ag, Ag Mechanics, Livestock, Greenhouse, Horticulture
    Lindy Howard
    Intro - Cosmo 2 - Principles of Color Design & Theory
    Jade Oates
    Floral Design, Horticulture, WIldlife, VetMed
    Jacalyn Cook  Yearbook, Journalism
    Zach Ward
    Ag Mechanics, Welding 1, Welding 2
    Amanda Myers Commercial Photography, Digital Media, 3D Art
    Derick Simpson
    Small Engine, Auto Basics, Auto 1 and 2, ROTC  
    Christy Knight Principles of Health Science (Intro class), Health Science 1 and 2 (CNA & LVN), Medical Assisting
    Liza Rousseaux Principles of Human Services, Human Growth and Development, Family Community Services