• Career and Technology Department
    Yearbook, Journalism
    Kim Price
    Child Development, Dollars and Sense, PALS, Intro to Culinary Arts
    LeAnn Scharbrough Principles of Ag, Ag Mechanics, Livestock, Greenhouse, Horticulture
    Lindy Howard
    Intro - Cosmo 2 - Principles of Color Design & Theory
    Jade Oates
    Floral Design, Horticulture, WIldlife, VetMed
    Jacalyn Cook  Yearbook, Journalism
    Zach Ward
    Ag Mechanics, Welding 1, Welding 2
    Amanda Myers Commercial Photography, Digital Media, 3D Art
    Derick Simpson
    Small Engine, Auto Basics, Auto 1 and 2, ROTC  
    Christy Knight Principles of Health Science (Intro class), Health Science 1 and 2 (CNA & LVN), Medical Assisting
    Liza Rousseaux Principles of Human Services, Human Growth and Development, Family Community Services