• Instructor:  Trent B. Yurcho

    Class:  English I/English I Honors

    Email:  tyurcho@ipcisd.net

    Conference Times:  8:05- 8:51  A.M. and 10:41 - 11:27 A.M.

    Instructor Description

    My name is Trent B. Yurcho and I am the instructor for English I and English I Honors at Iowa Park High School CISD.  I graduated from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas in May of 2017.  I am a storyteller at heart, and I will sit with friends for hours telling them about my many adventures.  I greatly enjoy the study of English and History, and I particularly enjoy reading primary sources.  My favorite authors are J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Timothy Zahn, Edgar Allen Poe, and Robert Frost.  I started teaching because I enjoyed telling stories and helping others learn.

    Class Syllabus

    English I Honors Syllabus

    English I Syllabus

    Course Materials

    Required Materials

    One Composition Notebook (At least 80 pages)

    Notebook Paper

    Multiple Pencils or Pens (black or blue ink only)

    One Chromebook (provided by IPCISD)

    Optional Materials

    One pair of headphones (This is suggested for the use of listening to audio recordings of our literature.)

    Grading Procedures (English I/English I Honors)

    40% - Assessments (Tests, essays, projects, presentations, etc.)

    30% - Daily Assignments (Daily work, homework, etc.)

    20% - Quizzes

    10% - Participation

    Finding Assignments and Information

    We will be using Google Classroom and Schoology throughout the school year for class reminders and announcements.

    Class progress reports will be sent electronically via e-mail or in paper form every three weeks.  Parents and students are strongly encouraged to check the Parent Portal on a weekly basis to view the most current grades for every class.

    Chromebook Policy

    We will regularly use Chromebooks in class.  Students are expected to use them for educational purposes only, and only when instructed.  Failure to comply will result in the same consequences as breaking a class rule and may result in the loss of device usage.  Additionally, Chromebooks should be charged before class because outlets in class are limited.


    Tutorials will be offered before and after school Monday -  Thursday from 7:40 - 8:00 A.M. and 3:30 - 4:00 P.M.  Students who are assigned tutorials by the teacher need to come when they are assigned mandatory tutorials.