• Welcome to Algebra I! 

    Cindy Skjelstad

    Cindy Skjelstad

    Algebra I and Algebra I Honors


    Phone: 940-592-2144

    Conference times:

    2nd period: 8:56am - 9:45am

    7th period: 1:53pm - 2:39pm

    Tutorial times:

    7:40am - 8:00am

    3:30pm - 4:00pm

    Grading Procedures:

    Tests - 40%

    Quizzes - 30%

    Daily Work - 30%

    Supplies needed:

    • 1.5-inch 3 ring binder (Bring to class every day with your notes and assignments)

    • 1 pack of #2 Pencils (Turn in to teacher) 

    • 1-Colored pen for grading and corrections (Bring to class every day)

    • Dry erase markers (Bring to class everyday)