2022 Pep Rally Themes & Dress up Days

    * = pep rally

    Pep rallies start at 9:30am @ IPHS Main Gym


    8/26: Beach the Eagles (Tacky Tourist Day)

    9/2: United We Stand (USA DAY)*

    9/9:  Boot the Bulldogs (Western Day) 

    9/16: Hawks are out of this world (Space Day) 

    9/23: Homecoming (Pep Rally on Thursday)*

              Monday: Team up against the Coyotes

              Tuesday:  Punk the Coyotes (80s/Rock & Roll Day)

              Wednesday: Make the Coyotes see Double (Twin Day)

              Thursday: Color Wars (Srs: Pink, Jrs: Blue, Soph: Purple, Fresh: Yellow, Teachers: Green)

              Friday: Hawk Nation (Green, Black, & White)

    10/7: Peace out Buckaroos (Hippie Day)*

    10/14: Hawks Get Creative (Anything, but a backpack day) 

    10/21: Pink Out IP (Breast Cancer Awareness)*

    10/28: Hunt the Bulldogs (Camo Day)

    11/4: Lets Glow Hawks! (Blackout Pep Rally)*