• Girls P.E. with Coach Gordon


    Welcome to girls P.E.!  I understand that everyone has spent a great deal of time, effort, energy, and MONEY to get ready for the school year!  As a result, we utilize supplies and clothing that you probably already have at home.

    Supplies:  T-shirt, shorts, hoodie, sweat pants, tennis shoes, deodorant
    Optional Supplies:  Towel, baby wipes, body wash, shampoo, body spray, comb/brush.  * We have concrete floors so please don't bring perfume or anything in a glass container.
    Students are required to suit out but please don't go out and buy clothes specifically for P.E.  Most of your children have what's required.  They must wear athletic-type clothing that meets school dress code and tennis shoes.  In addition, the shirt must cover the student's torso when the arms are raised above the head.  If a student wears athletic clothing to school, they must change into a different set of clothes for P.E. Ex:  Suzy wears a t-shirt and basketball shorts to school on Monday.  She will not be allowed to wear the same clothing for P.E. on Monday. Kids often ask, "Can I just wear what I have on?, when they've worn athletic clothing to school.  The answer is, 'no.'  A huge part of what we teach deals with proper hygiene. We don't want the kids to work-out in the clothing they wore to school, then go to their next class sweaty and smelly!
    How often does my child need to bring P.E. clothes to school?  I require that students take their clothes home to be washed at least once a week.  If you want to do it more often than that, it's up to you.   I have students that bring clothes on Monday and wear them all week.  I have others that bring different clothes for P.E. daily.
    What happens if my child forgets part of their P.E. clothes?  Points are deducted from their "suiting out" grade if they forget their tennis shoes or shirt. I'm more strict when it comes to forgetting their shorts/sweat pants.  More points are deducted because jeans, capris, etc, are not appropriate for P.E.
    Notes:  A student must bring a note from their parent/guardian if they can't participate in P.E. due to illness or injury.  If a student must miss 3 or more days of participation, a doctor's note is required.  The note needs to state the amount of time that the student is unable to participate or a "return to play" date. 
    Junior high students are changing and growing rapidly so I spend a lot of time discussing hygiene.  The average junior high student grows an average of 2 inches per year!  The majority of them will be at least 6 inches taller by the time they leave junior high!  It's imperative that they shower, wash their hair, and use deodorant.  A lot of our kids may not be used to wearing deodorant, but it is age appropriate and absolutely necessary.  I do not require showering after P.E. but I give the students time to do so, especially during the warmer months of the year.  Students that opt to take showers will need to bring a towel, body wash, deodorant, etc, to keep in their lockers.
    Students will be issued a lock and a locker. The locks come with the combination taped to the bottom.  They need to remove it and memorize their combination!  Otherwise, anybody can open their locks!  We have a large number of teams and community members that use our gyms and locker rooms so it's extremely important that students put their belongings in their locker and keep them locked! 
    What happens if my child loses their lock?  Students need to come tell me if they lose their lock.  It 's rare that a lock is truly lost.  Most of the time it's mixed up with another students lock, has been turned in  by another student, or turned in by the custodial staff.  In general, the lock shows back up.  If it doesn't, the student will be charged $5 and another lock will be issued.
    Fitness Gram:  Students will be tested in the following areas:  trunk lift, shoulder stretch, sit and reach, push-ups, curl-ups, and the mile run.  We will practice these skill all year and I will keep a record of their progress.