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    Mrs. Angie Anderson
     I am certified in Special Education, Math 4-8, Self-Contained 1-6 and Early Childhood. I also have a BBA in Business Administration.  This is my 6th year in Iowa Park CISD. This is a wonderful district and  I love this school, this staff and these kiddos. I am working with Andy Bruner in the Special Education Department and am teaching Math for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade resource students. I hope you will feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have about your student.
    The number is (940) 592-2196, or my email address is aanderson@ipcisd.net.
    My conference time is 4th period (10:45 - 11:35).
    BELOW is the Lesson Schedule for this WEEK.

     WF George Middle School        SIXTH GRADE

                        Week 4 (April 20 - April 24)

    Focus: Geometry


    Day 1


    Day 2


    Day 3


    Day 4


    Day 5

    Monday, April 20



    Watch the Video Lesson

    Geometry Lesson 1

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/13y8OcVqioGTjmO15O9os-qFtKLlB4in mrY/view

    The link is also posted in Schoology - Geometry Folder - Video Lessons

    Complete HW 1- put answers into Schoology

    We are not going to do the STAAR packet 6 this week. 

    Tuesday, April 21


    Watch the Video Lesson 

    Geometry Lesson 2

    (link to be posted later)

    The link will also be posted in Schoology

    Complete HW 2 - put answers into Schoology

    Wednesday, April 22

    Activity : 

    Make sure HW 1 and HW 2 have been completed.

    Play Prodigy for 15 minutes

    Thursday, April 23

    Activity : 

    Watch Video Lesson 

    Geometry Lesson 3

    (link will be posted later)

    Complete HW 3 - put answers into Schoology

    Friday, April 24

    Activity : 

    Make sure all 3 lessons are complete and turned into Schoology.

    Play Prodigy for 10 minutes 

    Now go enjoy your weekend!!!!

    Sincerely, Angie Anderson