Waterford Early Reading Program is a software-based curriculum for students in Pre K- 2nd grade.  The curriculum is designed to promote reading, writing and typing, incorporating literacy skills such as letter mastery, language stories, spelling, basic writing skills, reading and listening development and comprehension strategies. 
    Pre-K students attend computer class once a week.
    Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students attend computer twice a week.

    Accelerated Reading

    1st and 2nd grade students take AR tests every time they come to the computer lab.

    Accelerated Reading is a computerized reading comprehension test over books they have read in the classroom or at home.

    star reading
    STAR reading assessments helps to determine the reading level of each student, measure individual and class growth, and forecast results on standardized tests. Students take the computerized assessment to get accurate, reliable, norm-referenced scores immediately. Students take this test 3 times a year to re-evaluate their reading abilities. This determines what grade level SHARK test the student should be able to read and comprehend.