• Family Access Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Family Access?

    Family Access is an informational resource made available to every family at that has students enrolled at Iowa Park CISD. This resource provides real-time information about your child's grades and attendance, class schedule, and includes the balance on his/her nutrition services account. Family Access provides safe, secure access to your child's school record. Although Family Access is described as a resource for families and students, Iowa Park CISD has not made the program available to students at this time.

    How do I sign up for Family Access?

    For secondary school students, contact the guidance office secretary for help getting started. If your child is in elementary school, the main office secretary will be able to help you.

    How secure is my child's information?

    Family Access is password and user name protected. Parents establish their passwords, and are responsible for keeping their password and user name confidential. It is suggested that passwords be changed regularly. In addition, Iowa Park CISD has implemented strong encryption technology (SSL) that protects all data transmitted between your web browser and our web server. All student data is stored behind a redundant Cisco PIX firewall.

    Who do I contact for additional information or issues with Family Access?

    Please contact your child’s school.

    Who do I contact if I forget my password?

    Please contact the your childs school secretary.

    How do I change my password?

    To change your password in Family Access, you need to login to Family Access. Once you are at the main display for Family Access, please click the button in the upper right hand corner of the display that says Account Info. This button will show you all of your account information and how to change your password. You will be required to provide your current password when changing your password.

    Why aren't all grades available at the same time?

    Family Access provides real-time information.Since teachers input grades over a period of time, not all grades will show up at the same time.All grades for secondary students are available in Skyward Family Access prior to the report cards being mailed out.

    Why is a missing assignment shown when I know my student turned it in?

    A 'missing assignment' shows if the due date of the assignment plus ten (10) weekdays has passed and the teacher has not yet input a grade. Therefore, an assignment may or may not actually be missing.

    Why can't I see my elementary child's grades on-line?

    Elementary grades are not entered on-line because they use a customized assessment report card. This report card is sent home four times per year at report card time. Kindergarten report cards are sent home two times per year.

    How long do I have to excuse my child due to an absence?

    I have noticed that my child has an unexcused absence. Absences may only be excused within 24 hours of the absence. Please phone your school's attendance office to report an absence or excuse an absence. Changes to attendance once after the 24 hour period will not be made.

    Why doesn't Iowa Park CISD use the Absence Notification function?

    We know that many parents share their passwords with their children. If the function were activated, students who have knowledge of the parent's password could excuse themselves from school via email. The schools would still feel obligated to phone parents to verify the absence.


    Why should I use Family Access?

    Family Access is a web based tool designed to enhance parent/guardian and school communication. Your use of the Family Access website is voluntary.

    Will I still have GradeSpeed as a resource or does Family Access replace it?

    Family Access has replaced GradeSpeed, you will need to use Family Access to check on your childs Grades and Progress.


    Can other people see my child's personal information on Family Access?

    Family Access is password protected. As long as you keep your password safe it is highly unlikely that anyone else will be able to access or view your child's personal information.

    I can't get Family Access to work on my computer; what should I do?

    Family Access is a web based product, so it should work on your computer like any other web based application, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. First, you should check to make sure you have the right Family Access web site address, or URL. You can access the Family Access web page from the Iowa Park CISD web page at:


    I have forgotten my user name and/or lost my password, what should I do?

    To ensure security and confidentiality, please contact the school your child attends and a new password will be issued. We prefer that you to pick up your new password in person at your child's school. Once reissued, your user name will stay the same, and you will receive both the new password and a reminder of your user name from your child's school.





    With all the talk about Internet safety and security, how do I know Family Access is safe?

    Family Access uses Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption as the security layer for data presented on the Web. This is the same encryption system used by sites that accept credit card numbers and other personal data that must be secure. The District's Family Access Administrator is responsible for setting security and access to student records, as determined by District procedure. Each individual, whether student, parent, or staff member, must be given a user name and password and be designated as a member of a household linked to a student in order to view Family Access information.

    Can I get my high school student's transcript through Family Access?

    Unfortunately, transcripts are not available through Family Access. They may be requested, however, from your child's counselor.