•  Caroline James  Caroline James

    1st period  Art 2,3 & 4 -  8:05-8:51                                                      
    2nd period Conference    8:56-9:45                                                                                        
    3rd period  Art 2,3 & 4 -  9:50-10:36
    4th period  Art 1-           10:41-11:27                                                                                      
    5th period  Art 1-           11:27-12:57
    6th period  Art 2,3 & 4 -  1:02-1:48
    7th period  Art I -           1:53-2:39
    8th period  Conference    2:44-3:30
    Tutorials: M-F 7:40 - 8:00 am
                     M-Th 3:30-4:00 pm 
     Art supplies for all art students: No. 2 pencils, markers, colored pencils, watercolors, black sharpie, ruler and eraser. If any supplies are shared, students will need to wipe down . I would recommend bringing your own gloves and supplies. Students will need to have access to supplies if working remote. Advanced Art Students from home might also like to have oil pastels and acrylic paints. Remote students will not just be pencil like in the spring 2020. Your work and projects will be bascially the same we are doing in class. 
     Art Syllabus for Art 1,2,3 & 4:
    The students will work on a variety of projects that will include the Elements of Art (line, shape, value,form,color, space and texture. The Principles of Art to be studied also include balance, emphasis, unity, contrast, pattern, rhythm
    and movement. It is important for the student artist to use their imagination, be productive and create art.  
    The students will express ideas through original artworks by using a variety of media. 
    Grading scale: 45% daily work/participation and 55% projects/tests
    Classroom rules:
    1) Students will enter room with mask covering nose & mouth. Mask will stay on the entire class period.
    2) Students will clean their area and supplies when they enter the room.
    3) Students will get artwork out asap and sit down. Students need to stay seated and not get up during the class period. 
    5) Work on projects in class.
    6) Follow directions and school rules.
    7) Cellphones are not allowed out in the classroom. 
    8) IPHS Artists- Let's produce some great artwork!!! 
     FYI: I keep a Discipline/Who? What? Where? When? Folder. I mark down when a student leaves the room. Ex) restroom, library, office, etc.. This does not include misbehavior. Unexcused tardies counts against the student. Lost work - Student must redo or receive a 0. Student will receive a failing grade for an incomplete project. 

    My name is Caroline James. I love Iowa Park High School and Iowa Park. I was born and raised in Wichita Falls, Texas. I graduated from Midwestern State University.  I am passionate about art and currently work with oil pastels and pastels. Our IPHS Art Dept. is invloved in the VASE contest in the spring.  Some of our students compete in this wonderful event. It is the largest H.S. contest in Texas. As I tell my students… “The VASE contest is the Visual Arts (UIL) contest.”  My goal is for students to appreciate, enjoy, practice and produce art. Students will work with different materials and try new techniques.

    I love spending time with family & friends. I enjoy walking our dog. I love Netflix and going out to eat. Another favorite is going to museums to see beautiful artwork from famous artists and new artists.