Coach Rasco

    Environmental Science Syllabus

    Chemistry Syllabus 

    Shawnda Childers




    1st period             8:05-8:51 Athletics

    2nd period            8:56-9:45 Chemistry

    3rd period            9:50-10:36 Conference 

    4th period            10:41-11:27 Chemistry

    5th period/lunch   11:32-12:57 Conference 

    6th period            1:02-1:48 Environmental Science

    7th period            1:53-2:39 Chemistry

    8th period            2:44-3:30 Athletics 


    My name is Shawnda Childers, this is my ninth year as a teacher/coach. I am a former IPHS graduate.

    I am passionate about working out and have competed at the National and World Level in triathlons. I love my family and spending time with them. I also love traveling anywhere, whether it's in the country and out of the country.

    I am also passionate about inspiring students/athletes to be the best they can be and seeing the potential that they possess within themselves! 

    I teach Environmental Science and Chemistry. I am the Head Cross Country and Track Coach and Assistant High School Basketball. My goal for the students is for them to reach their highest level of potential. Everyone has a talent, the key is finding that talent then putting determination and hard work together to have the most successful future possible. 

    Looking forward to a great, successful year!