• Ms. Epps' English III Expose'

    I am so happy to be part of the staff at Iowa Park High School.  I graduated from Jacksboro High School and Midwestern University with a BA in English Composite, including speech and journalism. 

      I love my profession as a teacher and dealing with young people. I am a life-long leaner!

                                                                                    My professional motto has always been:

    "Teach a child WHAT to THINK, and you make that child a slave to your knowledge. BUT Teach a child HOW to THINK, and knowledge                                                               becomes a slave to that child."                                                              

    I believe in teaching critical thinking and problem solving, along with the TEKS and assigned curriculum.  These are skills needed for life, whether the student is university bound, vocationally educated, serving an apprenticeship, or going into the workforce or the military.  

    English III will need these materials for class:
    2 mechanical or regular pencils
    2 (erasable) or regular pens in black or blue only; all tests will be taken in pen
    1 red pen
    I small 3 ring binder for study materials and graded papers; we will have notebook checks
    1 medium-large spiral notebook and loose notebook paper
    1 box of tissues
    A charged chrome book, ready for class.  We will be using Schoology/ Google Classroom , and a charged, functioning Chrome book is essential.

    The grading policy will follow the district's handbook procedure for campus.  Tests will be 60% daily 40%
    The tardy and absence policy will follow the district's set rules.
    The discipline policy will also follow the district's handbook procedure. However, all English III classes will create a mutual respect agreement in accordance with the teacher and peers for the classroom.  It is printed and posted in our room. 

    Cell phones are not needed or acceptable for class.  They should be kept in school appropriate organizers; if cell phones are seen, heard or used by a student in class, it will be taken to the office, and discipline measures will be taken.  Chromebooks are our electronic devices for educational use.  

    I also have a policy called ZAP (zeros aren't permitted).  I require each student who does not have a completed assignment on the due date to sign the ZAP book which will be dated with the assignment listed.  The student will be able to come-in during tutorials the next morning for 10 min.for a 5 pt. deduction.  I am here to help students succeed. 

    We will begin a new program through our high school, called Midweek Makeup.  This is a tutorial program that focuses on students who have two or more zeroes.  Students will attend a mandated makeup of work after school on Wednesdays.  This does not interfere with our ZAP Book or regular tutorials, Mon-Thurs..  My tutorials are 7:30-8:00 am and 3:30-4:00 pm.  

    English III studies American literature, and we will be reading a variety of material, including two novels, a play, poetry, and short stories.  We will write essays and refresh our grammar skills.

    Critical thinking and problem solving, along with organization and study skills will be our focus and goals for this year.  These skills will further students life-long in learning and benefit them for years to come.

    I would like for each student to feel valued in our class and comfortable.  The class will be based on mutual respect; teacher to student, student to student, student to teacher, and student to facility.  We will make this an outstanding year!

    Please email me at lepps@ipscisd.net with questions or comments.  You may call me through our new CX phone system by calling the office.  My conference is 2rd period, 8:56-9:45.  

    . Ms. Epps