• Kidwell Elementary serves students in Pre-K through second grade. 
    Special Services: 
    We also serve students who are identified for our Special Education/Speech program starting at age 3.  If you believe your child has a delay in speech or a cognitive or physical delay, you may contact the school at 940-592-4322 and Debra Payton will complete a child find application for you.  You will be contacted by special education staff for screening. 
    Pre-K Program: 
    Our Pre-K program serves students that are 4 years of age on or before September 1st of the current school year.  We do not accept transfers in our Pre-K program.  To enroll in Pre-K you will need:
    shot record, social security card, birth certificate, proof of residency and proof of income. 
    Pre-K is a qualifying program.  To qualify you must meet one of the following conditions: 
    1. qualify for the Free and Reduced lunch program based on income;
    2. be child of active duty Military;
    3. Be a foster child (or have been in foster system);
    4. Child of military who is deceased or injured in action. 
    We will also enroll non-qualifying students if the classrooms are not full with qualifying students.  To enroll in Kindergarten through second grade you will need:  shot record, social security card, birth certificate, proof of residency.