• All teachers or staff affiliated with the Iowa Park School District are expected to adhere to the money handling procedures and policies of the district.  This page will provide links to that policy,  required forms, training, and frequently asked questions. 
    Fundraisers serve as a supplement to instruction, but are not required.  In the event that a fundraiser is necessary, we, as district representatives want to ensure that we are financially repsonsible to our patrons and supporters.  Therefore, it is imperative that each of us becomes knowledgeable of these issues and that we strictly adhere to these expectations. 


    The following checklist will help you determine the steps necessary to properly host a fundrasier:
    • Have you determined if the fundraiser is necessary?  Does the fundraiser serve to supplement student learning and/or the goals of IPCISD?  Check with the campus and district plans to make sure your fundraiser supports these goals.
    • Have you completed the  3 P Document (Purpose, Projection, and Proposal)?
    • Have you submitted the proposed document to your campus principal for approval?
    • Did you get approval?  Note:  only approved fundraisers are allowed.  All proposals must be received and approved prior to the fall deadline, TBA.
    • Have you viewed the training powerpoint and signed the Policy Acknowledgement Form?
    • Have you located the proper documentation forms for handling money?
    • Do you have a plan for receiving funds, recording them (receipts), and counting them with a second staff member?
    • Do you have a system in place for maintaining records
    • Have you notified your campus principal that you are going to be receiving funds on a particular date?  Have you reminded him or her just prior to the event?
    • Have you secured funds in a locked safe or file drawer?
    • Have you counted the funds correctly and properly?  Have you accurately deposited the funds?
    • Have you reviewed and assessed the effectiveness of the fundraiser based on your prosal using the Fundraiser Assessment Form?