• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q:  Is the trip optional?
    A:  Yes.  Students must meet eligibility requirements but do not have to attend.  Costs are dependent on parents.
    Q:  How is the trip paid for?
    A:  The trip is parent chosen and parent driven, though it has become a tradition.  Costs are dependent on parents.  Occassionally, fundraisers may be done to offset certain costs, however, in past years, parents determined that they would rather pay the associated costs rather than sell items, etc.  Costs are kept to a minimum. If the cost of the trip is a problem, please contact the school principal to discuss options.  Payment deadlines are posted on the main page.
    Q:  What happens to additional funds?
    A:  If there are any residual funds, those funds are left in the class account to be used in the senior year for Senior Prom and/or Project Graduation.
    Q:  If something arises and we cannot go, are any of the costs refundable?
    A:  The costs associated with the charter busses are not refundable.  The cost of the Six Flags admission ticket and park meal are refundable provided that these items can be sold.  The ticket and meal is otherwise given to the student for a later park admission through the current season.
    Q:  Can parents chaperone?
    A:  Yes and parents are needed.  Parents are not asked to pay for fuel cost, however ticket and meal costs are required.  Chaperoning parents are expected to ride the busses, and monitor students throughtout the day, as well as other minor duties.
    Q:  What if a student has a sibling or family member graduating?
    A:  Due to graduation being on the last day of the school year, the day this trip is scheduled, an early school bus or school vehicle will be returning to Iowa Park in time for graduation ceremonies.  Students leave the park at 2:30, however, as the park is not full on these days, generally, they have plenty of time to play.  Prior arrangements must be made with the school principal or school liason to ensure this transportation.
    Q:  What if we have season passes?
    A:  If  the student has a season pass, they may only pay the cost minus the ticket price.  Students should inform the school trip organizor in advance and must show the ticket and ID before boarding the bus on the morning of the trip.
    Q:  Can additional tickets be purchased for family members of students?
    A:  Yes, additional tickets may be purchased, however, families are responsible for providing transportation.  The school will not be responsible for additional familiy members (other than chaperoning parents).
    Q:  What happens if there is a discipilne situation with my child?
    A:  First and foremost, the school expects our students to model exemplary behavior, remembering they represent themselves, their family, their community, and school.  Students are expected to follow all school rules, rules of the park, and laws.  Stealing from the park will result in an ISS or AEP placement.  Other infractions such as failing to show up at checkpoints and check-in times may result in serious consequences such as ISS the following school year.  Parents may be contacted and required to come and get students for serious offenses.  Fraternizing with students  or strangers that leads to inappropriate behavior will result in serious consequences.  Parents are expected to establish high expectations for the children in advance of this trip.