8th Grade Six Flags Field Trip

    Six Flags
    On May 30st, the 8th graders will be taking the annual trip to Six Flags to celebrate their “graduation” from Middle School.  This trip commemorates the celebration of the completion of middle school and  replaces the traditional graduation ceremonies that some districts celebrate.  This trip is optional but has become tradition.  It was originally proposed and planned  by class parents with the assistance of the school personnell.  Though the process has evolved some, it is still made possible by parents of these students.  The trip is optional but certainly deserved and our students always have a great time.
    Eligible students must have passed all core classes for the year.  Additionally, students must not have been placed in ISS two or more times (or an extended ISS placement of 10 or more days),   or  have been placed in AEP during their 8th grade year. 

    Fundraisers are discouraged, however, a dance may be scheduled to defer charter bus costs.  The dance will be hosted at WFGMS from 8:00 PM-10:00 PM.  Parents interested in chaperoning the dance and/or the trip are encouraged to participate!  We generally need 10-15 chaperones for the dance. 

    Costs are as follows:  
     Six Flags Ticket                         $30.00                   (Based on 100 tickets)
    Six Flags Meal Deal              $10.00                  
     Option to purchase additional meal tickets (We will board busses to come home around 5:00 PM.  A second meal in not necessary.)
    Charter Cost                             $30.00                  
    Based on contract for three  charter busses and 80  students.   Price may vary with  fuel prices.
    T-shirt                                     $10.00                      School shirts will be worn


    Total                                       $80.00                   Plus additional spending money at your discretion.   



    Brief Itinerary:  
                Arrive at WFGMS/Breakfast in cafteria                           6:30 AM

                    Departure from WFGMS                                                7:00 AM

                    Check-in                                                                           2:00 PM

                    Departure from Six Flags                                                5:30 PM

                    Return Arrival at WFGMS          7:30 PM        An early bus will be available for siblings of graduates.

    Payment Plan Options:

                 Down Payment                                     $20.00                   Due by Wednesday 2/6/13along with

                                                                                                                    signed permission slip.

                    2nd Payment                                          $20.00                   March 6th, 2013

                    3rd Payment                                           $20.00                   April 6th, 2013

                    Final Payment                                       $20.00                   May 6th, 2013
    *Charter cost is non-refundable; ticket and meal cost will be refunded if it can be sold or these may

    be given to the purchaser.


    Certainly, our desire is that all eligible students attend.  Parents are invited to attend as well.  Cost for chaperoning parents $60.00.  Parents wishing to attend and assist as chaperones should contact Trisha Wells or  Darla Biddy at 940-592-2196 or by email, twells@ipcisd.net; or  dbiddy@ipcisd.net.  Payments will be turned in to Mrs. Wells.  Additional questions should be emailed to Mrs. Wells.  Thank you.