• Daily Operations

    Teachers will wait at the door  to greet students and check assignments and supplies as students come in.  Students are to bring library books everyday.
    5-10 minutes--Problem of the day:  Teachers may utilize pre-determined resources, as well as utilizing listed links and additional supplemental reading material.
    20 minutes--Homework
    0-5 minutes-- Announcements
    Mondays--Organization of assignments and weekly enrichment plans
    Wednesdays-- Homework
    Thursdays --Homework and locker clean-out.
    Free Fridays--students who have worked all week and had their assignment notebook done will have the opportunity to  have a free day as directed by the teacher.  Every three weeks, students will have the opportunity to go outside or participate in another planned activity.  Students who have not earned Free Friday may be placed in Green Catch-up or other tutorials.
    Students:  Please take the following survey to provide us better information regarding enrichment class and our school program.