• Classroom Rules:
    1. Be on time and ready to get started.
    2. Respect starts with you. 
    3. Be prepared with supplies.
    4. Technology will be used only when assigned by teacher.
    5. Sit in chairs provided, not on countertops or tables.
    6. Food is only allowed during cooking labs. Water in a clear container is the only drink allowed.
    7. Students are allowed in refrigerators, food pantries and cabinets only during cooking labs.
    8. Ovens and other kitchen equipment are to be turned on only during kitchen labs.
    9. Kitchen stations are to be left clean and neat at the end of each lab class.
    10.All rules in the IPHS handbook will be followed.
    Grading Scale:
    60% classroom work and participation
    40% tests, quizzes & projects
    10 points per day will be deducted for each day an assignment is late. 
    Please do not hesitate to ask for help. My conference period is 5th. I’m available Monday through Friday before school (7:40-8:00a.m.) and Monday through Thursday after school (3:30-4:00p.m.) Please contact me to sign up and let me know what you need help with. 
    email:    kprice@ipcisd.net
    If a student is absent, they are responsible for requesting missed work. 

    The Family and Consumer Science program:

    · Provides students with knowledge and skills necessary to become competent in the work of the home and workplace today and in the future.

    · Prepares students to manage resources and utilize technology for the well being of the family and society.

    · Prepares students to think creatively and critically in making decisions to improve their quality of life.

    · Prepares students to become responsible citizens and leaders in the family, community, and work settings.

    · Prepares students for careers in the family and consumer sciences.

    · Prepares students for making the transition from school to career, and family to career.



    Students will deal with the topics of nutrition, wellness, safety and sanitation, and making decisions as young responsible adults. They will also explore career options related to nutrition, wellness, and hospitality and the food service industry. 

    CTE courses provide students with basic knowledge and real-world skills relating to career fields.
    Disciplinary Consequences:
    1. Verbal warning.
    2. Parent contact by email and/or phone.
    3. Electronic write-up to administration.
    4. Electronic write-up and immediate referral to administration.
    ***Cheating on any assignment or test will result in a disciplinary referral, a parent contact and a zero (0) for the work.