• What to expect in class...


       In History class, students will be expected to complete homework on time and with their best effort. If students miss school for any reason, they need to make sure to check in with each of their teachers for any make-up work.
       Quizzes are given periodically. Students will know when quizzes are coming up and will be reminded to study. 
       Tests are given at the end of each region we cover. We usually have at least two tests per six weeks. Students will be informed of upcoming test dates.
       I always allow for grades to be corrected. I hand work back promptly in order for students to stay on top of their grades. As always, their grades may be viewed by you in Skyward.
       There is opportunity for extra credit for students that are wanting bonus points or need to raise any low grades.
          Rules for extra credit:
                      Students need to find a current event topic (school appropriate) in a newspaper. They need to clip the article out and present a brief summary about that article in front of the class. There is a limit of one article per six weeks. The student will earn their choice of either 15 points added to their lowest daily grade, or 10 points added to their lowest test grade.