• Bradford Goes Techno

       Bradford has seen a lot of changes this year.  We started our school year in "High
    Tech" mode and with our current pie sales we hope to add a lot more. 
       Over the summer the district purchased a set of Chrome Books for each grade level
    at Bradford. The kids took to them right away.  The Chrome Books really open up our
    world and education to infinite possibilites. We are really excited about them. 
    The reaction from the kids was priceless. Several were curious how our school was
    able to buy that many computers for them.  Another student replied,
    "Man, it is GREAT to live in Texas!"
       We also started off  with a High Tech friend in 5th grade.  We had a student,
    that due to an injury, was unable to attend school. Rather than missing out on all
    the personal teaching and social interaction, he was able to come to school through
    a remote robot. He controlled the robot from a computer at his home.  The students
    embraced and adapted to the unusual classmate without a second thought.
       The kids have been working hard the past two weeks to sell pies with the promise
    that the money will be used to bring more exciting new technology to our school. 
    We can't wait to see what the future of our classrooms have in store next. 
    The pie sales are continuing through this week and the weekend. Orders and money
    are due on Monday Oct. 27th.