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    Iowa Park Bands




    * As a member of the Iowa Park Band Program, you are expected and required to be at all band rehearsals, performances or any other scheduled events deemed necessary by the band directors.


    * Any student who is not in attendance at an after school marching rehearsal (and is not already participating in another school activity) will be required to make up the physical aspect of the rehearsal they missed. Each hour missed will constitute (1/2 mile run or 1 mile walk) physical make. This will be completed before he or she is allowed to participate in the next rehearsal. Only students participating in SCHOOL ACTIVITIES will be excused from the physical fitness make up.  


    Ø  1st unexcused absence verbal warning, student placed on show probation, (physical fitness make up / Marching rehearsal only)

    Ø  2nd unexcused absence student conference with parent contact, removed from show for one week, and (physical fitness make up / Marching rehearsal only)

    o    Students may regain spot if they successfully challenge for a place in the show or

    o    They may be assigned to the pit section

    Ø  3rd unexcused absence student is removed from marching show for year and assigned  permanently to the pit percussion section

    Ø  4th unexcused absence student will not travel with band to any events and is removed from band at semester

    Example of excused absences School activities, Death in the family  


    Examples of NON-excused activities Including but not limited to:

    ·         Dr. Appointments (non-emergency), Birthdays, Birthday Parties(yours or a family members), Family in town, Homecoming at another school College or High School, DMV appointments for Driver License, (ACT or SAT test not taken during school day),  College Days, Family Vacations, having to babysit, and Not Having a Ride


    Please note that although admirable, church trips and events are not excused absences. Please plan carefully so you do not double-book yourself. Other than our Christmas and Spring concerts, we will never have activities on Wednesday nights or Sundays. Check your calendar carefully before you schedule a church outing or youth event.

    Mr. Bradberry will have the final say on what is an excused or unexcused absences.


    I. Band Hall Rules

    A. Students must be in their chairs with their horns, music, a pencil, and all necessary supplies at the start of class.

    B. Students may not leave their seat during class except for an emergency – and then – only with permission from the director.

    C. When the director is on the podium, a student may only speak after raising their hand and getting permission from the director.

    D. Absolutely no food, drink, or gum is allowed in the Band Hall at any time. 

    E. Do not touch or play any instrument that does not belong to you.

                1. This includes all percussion equipment. Anyone tampering with the percussion equipment will be dismissed from the band hall immediately. 

    F. Absolutely no horseplay will be tolerated in the band hall!

    G. Band students will always be respectful of the directors, other students, and themselves.

    H. Repeated violations of the band hall rules may result in assignment to lunch detention, after school detention, or being sent to the assistant principal. Students who repeatedly disrupt band class, performances, or rehearsals may be permanently removed from Band at the discretion of the Band Directors.

    I. Acts of theft, vandalism, violence, disrespect or any other serious discipline infractions, as deemed by the Directors, may result in immediate, permanent removal from Band at the discretion of the Band Directors.



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    II. Grades – Middle School Only

    A. Each six weeks, student grades will be averaged using the following system:

    50% Class Participation; 50% Performances

    B. Class Participation “PC”: Each student will receive a weekly grade in band based upon his or her participation, supply checks, written work, and memorization exercises. Students who are unable to participate because they have forgotten their horns, do not have proper supplies, or who have been asked to put their horns away for the day for any reason, will be given a zero for that day or week.

    C. Public Performance Grade: Every band students is required to participate in all performances including but not limited to; Fall Football Games and Pep Rallies, Christmas and Spring Concerts, Pre UIL and UIL Concert and Sight-Reading, and Music Festivals. An unexcused absence from a performance may result in the student failing band for that six weeks. Performances will count as a test grade in the grade book.

    D. The date and time for the 2017 Christmas Concert is: Sunday, December 10th, at 2:00pm. The 2018 Spring Concert is Sunday, May 6th, at 2:00pm. Both will take place in the High School Auditorium and are subject to change and attendance is MANDATORY!!!

    E. Test Grades: Including but not limited to: Playing tests, practice sheets, pop quizzes, written work, after school rehearsals, and public performances.

    F. Daily Grades: Including but not limited to: Class Participation, Supply Checks, Written Work, Work Habit


    III. Instruments

    A. School Horns

    1. Students playing school owned instruments will be assigned those instruments by the band director along with a $50 yearly fee Due by Thursday, September 15th, 2017. .  The usage fee only covers the cost of the instrument. Repairs costs due to student negligence are the responsibility of the student / parents. Students playing school owned instruments are encouraged to purchase their own mouth piece.

    2. Use of a school horn is a privilege – not a right. Any band director may withdraw that privilege at his or her discretion and student will forfeit all fees paid to date.

    3. Students who play school horns are responsible for securing and protecting the horn from theft or damage. If they fail to do so, they and their parents/guardians are responsible for the repair or replacement of the horn.

    B. Privately Owned Horns

    1. Students not assigned to play school owned instrument are expected to supply their own horn through private means. This may include buying, renting, or borrowing an instrument.

    2. Not having an instrument to play will be grounds for removal from the band program.

    3. All privately owned horns are to be kept in good playing order. If repairs are needed, please let a band director see the horn before sending it into the shop! If the horn needs to go to the shop, a maximum of 2 weeks is allowed for the repair. The band directors must know which shop is working on the instrument so that we can monitor the progress of the repair.

    4. Students will bring their horns (in good repair) to class every day and to all performances. If a student does not have a horn with them, a director may assign them other duties or assignments and / or lower their grade for that day or performance.

    5. Under no circumstance will an instrument from a large distribution center be accepted in the IPCISD Band program. This means that we will not accept any instruments from Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, e-Bay, Toys R Us, etc… Instruments bought at these stores cannot and will not be repaired by our vendors or reputable instrument repairmen. All instruments owned by individuals must pass directors approval in order to be used in the IPCISD school band program. If a horn is deemed by the director as unfit for the program that instrument may not be used in class or at an outside school function / performance.

    C. ***Rental Return Policy ***

    1. IPCISD and its employees will not be held responsible for the return of any instrument back to the music company from which the instrument is being purchased or rented.

    2. If possible, the band staff may be able to pass along any instrument that needs to be returned as long as prior arrangements have been organized with the directors and Music Company. The ability and option of such arrangements are strictly and solely at the discretion of the head band director.


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    D. School Owned and Privately Owned Instruments


              I acknowledge that I will not hold the IPCISD Band Directors or anyone affiliated with IPCISD responsible if my childs instrument should become damaged, lost or stolen while at school or during a school or after school function and or lost, damaged or stolen while being transported to a vendor or being held for a vendor to pick up for repairs or service.





    IV. Supplies / Binder Middle School Only

    A. Students are to have all necessary supplies and music binder with them in class every day. If they do not have what they need and are unable to perform in class, the director may assign them other duties and assignments and/or lower their grade for that day or performance. We will have an approved binder your student will need to buy. The cost for the FIRST binder will be $2. If a student loses their binder they must pay a $5 replacement fee to the directors to cover the cost of folder and music.

    B. Reeds, reed guards, cork grease, valve oil, rotor oil, swabs, slide cream, and slide grease are kept on hand for student purchase before or after school.

    C. Supply checks will function as part of a student’s grade daily and this handbook must be keep in the binder as a part of that grade / supply check.


    V. Uniforms Middle School

    Each student is expected to show up in the appropriate uniform for each public performance. The uniform will be addressed before each performance. 6th , 7th  and 8th  graders will need to purchase a band shirt for $20, and will be required to wear full-length solid black pants or sometimes basketball shorts, black socks and solid black shoes for each performance. No athletic type pants will be accepted.

    V-1 High School – The uniform will be addressed before each performance. Travel attire will include: Black Shoes, Black Socks, Black Shorts, and Band Shirt.


    VI. Instrument Lockers

    Band students may be issued a band locker in which to store their instrument and band binder only. This is not a place to put clothes, schoolbooks or anything else that is not band related.


    VII. Discipline for Trips and Contests

    A. Students will be expected to follow all IPCISD School rules of conduct for all band activities whether they occur on or off campus.

    B. If a student’s behavior causes him to be a danger to himself or others or the student repeatedly refuses to respond to a director’s instructions, the student will be sent home at the parent / guardian’s expense.


    VIII. Spring Trip / Travel

    A. To be eligible to go on a trip with the Band, students must have paid, or made arrangements to pay, the full amount for their trip by the set date, be academically eligible to participate in extracurricular activities for the current six weeks, and may not have received a discipline referral for conduct in the 6 weeks preceding the trip in any class or subject. Students who lose their eligibility due to academic or discipline reasons or choose to not participate after paying for their trip will not be given a refund of their trip money. Any placement in ISS may render the student ineligible for any band trip that year at the discretion of the Directors. 

    B. Travel – All Students must ride the bus with the organization to and from all selected events unless the student’s parents or guardians have made previous arrangements with the Directors and at least 24 hours prior to the departure date. All students leaving from a performance must sign out with a director or sponsor before leaving the event. Failure to do so will constitute a major disciplinary infraction. Only parents / guardians may sign a student out form an activity.   




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    IX. Fundraiser (Middle School Only)

    A. In the fall semester, band students will have an opportunity to participate in a fundraiser. The purpose of this fundraiser is to allow students to earn money toward their spring trip, to earn prizes based upon sales, and provide funds beyond the band budget. Participation in the band fundraiser is voluntary.

    B. A student’s profit from the fundraiser will go toward the cost of the spring trip.

                *Students who sell 10 items will have half of their trip paid

                *Students who sell 20 items will have their trip paid in full

    C. Profits from the fundraiser beyond the amount used for the student’s trip will be used for the benefit of the Iowa Park Middle School Band at the discretion of the band directors.



    X. Placement into Middle School Band

    A. If a beginner band student fails to demonstrate proficiency on their instrument, they may be excused from the middle school band program, at the discretion of the directors, or required to repeat beginning band. It is our goal as directors that all students will enjoy their experience and thrive in band. We however, cannot do this task alone and need lots of patience and help from parents on the home front.

    B. Each student will be placed in one of two different bands according to his or her own abilities. These placements are fluid and solely at the discretion of the band directors with the final say resting with Mrs. Archambo and Mr. Bradberry. Students will have the ability to move from one band to the other if his or her abilities necessitate a change.


    XI. After school practices and sectional rehearsals

    Throughout the course of the year, students may be asked or required to come before or after school for practice. In the event of after school practice, ample notice will be given through written communication via a student handout, Facebook, Twitter, Remind 101, or email.  It is the parents’ / guardians’ responsibility to check with their child daily to see if any communiqué has been sent home. Again, all after school practices are required and grades are given.

    XII. After School Transportation

    A. It is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to make arrangements to pick up their child in a timely manner. Students must be picked up within 20 minutes of the end of any band event, e.g. rehearsals, away games, sectionals, Monday night practice or any trip. Any student who is late being picked up twice will lose their travel privileges.




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    Mr. Bradberry and Mrs. Archambo