• Homework
    ~Every Monday your child will complete definitions for words out of their story. These will be in their Spelling/Definitions spiral and should be studied every night for the test on Friday (multiple choice).
    ~Your child will also come home with a list of spelling words for the week. There is a test for these Friday as well.
    ~Blue vocabulary sheet- this is a list of 30 words that the students will read to me on Thursday. These are words out of our story that your child needs to understand in order to read the story successfully. Please review these words nightly and sign and return it on Thursday.
    ~Math homework- most of the time this will just be a facts worksheet. Sometimes, we will have a lesson that we did not finish in class.
    ~Read AR book- TEST TOMORROW
    ~Study spelling words and definitions
    ~Study blue vocabulary sheet
    ~Math homework
    ~AR book
    ~Study spelling words and definitions
    ~Study blue vocabulary sheet and sign and return it
    ~Math homework
    ~Study spelling words and definitions
    ~Math homework
    ~New AR books come home
    ~Sign and return conduct folder
    Students will be required to test on two AR books each week. This will be done during our computer time on Monday and Wednesday and will be taken for a grade.-
    If you have any questions regarding homework please do not hesitate to contact me at 940-592-4322 or msanders@ipcisd.net