• No Bullying Zone
    What is bullying? 
    There are 3 types of bullying: 
    1) social bullying-excluding victims from activities or spreading rumors
    2) verbal bullying-threatening, taunting, or teasing another
    3) physical bullying-kicking, hitting, punching, or choking
    Research shows that over 50% of all children will be bullied at some point during their school years.  This MUST stop.
    My classroom is a no bullying zone. 
    I have zero tolerance for bullying. 
    I take every bullying issue seriously and will deal with it immediately and to the highest degree possible.  Please talk to your children about bullying.  Bullying is not a 'kids being kids' issue and it's not something that every child must 'go through' to survive childhood.  Bullying is a serious issue that must be stopped and the only way that can happen is if everyone works together.
    *Be a good role model for you child. 
    *Talk to your child daily about how to be nice to others.
    *Show compassion to everyone you meet, especially if they are 'different' from you (physically, mentally, socially, or economically).
    *Start a 'Pass it on' tradition with your child and do nice things for others so they can 'pass it on'.
    *Teach your child good team player social skills.
    *Expect your child to show kindness and compassion daily.
    *Visit www.stopbullying.gov with your child.