•  thing      Cindy Routh     thing

       Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

        Midwestern State University

    Wichita Falls, Texas


    I was first introduced to Bradford Elementary in September of 2002. I had the privilege of doing six weeks of student teaching in third grade with Mrs. Olds and six weeks in fifth grade with Mrs. Alsup. During this twelve-week experience, I fell in love with the Bradford Bunch. I knew that this was the place for me.


    I have been teaching fifth grade here full time since January 2003. For the first few years I only taught Reading and Social Studies classes, but in September of 2006, I began teaching all subjects in a self-contained classroom. I continued teaching a self-contained classroom for the following year. Then, for the next several years, I enjoyed getting to teach mainly Science. I am currently taking on the challenge of  teaching Math to three fifth grade classes.