• 2015-2016
     Supply Lists
    Students will obtain specific item lists from each teacher during orientation and within the first days of school.  The following lists are generalized,  from teacher  input, however, is subject to change as personnel changes.  Time allowances will be made for students to gather materials after school starts.  

    6th GradeSupply List:


    3-ring binder with zipper close

    8 plastic dividers with pockets on each side

    5 composition notebooks - any color

    1 package notebook paper—wide-ruled

    Headphones (ear bud style is preferred)

    12 pack pencils (mechanical is acceptable with extra lead)

    Package of Pens (blue or black)

    Package of red pens 
    3-hole pencil bag (to be kept in binder)

    School T-shirt—purchased for $10 —used for field trips and events


    The following supplies will be collected by the teachers to be stored in the classrooms:


    3 Pack Glue sticks


    colored pencils
    Miscellaneous: (optional) 
    Pack of pink erasers or pencil cap erasers
    Personal size Germ-X
    Clorox wipes 



    7th Grade:

    School T-shirt—purchased for $10 at orientation 



    Notebook paper
    1- 1 inch binder
    1 pkg of 5 dividers
    Pens (blue or black AND a red grading pen) 

    2 composition notebooks

    1 package of notecards
    1 package of post-it notes

    Notebook paper

    1 inch binder with dividers
    Pencils or pens



    1 package of pencils

    1 composition notebook

    1 package of notebook paper 
    1 - 1 inch binder 

    1  package of dividers with pockets



    1 - 2 subject RED spiral notebook

    1  3-ring binder 

    1 red pen

    1 dry erase marker
    colored pencils 



    1 Composition book

    4 large glue sticks

    1 subject spiral notebook
    1 quart size baggies
    1 large container of Clorox Wipes 


    8th Grade:

    3 composition notebooks (200 pages) 

    2 packages of wide-ruled notebook paper

    1 package of blue or black pens 

    1 package of red pens 
    1  packages of 12 pencils

    colored pencils

    Pink erasers

    Glue sticks

    Scotch tape

    1 - 2 inch binder 

    3 packets of 5 - tab dividers
    2 folders with brads - one must be purple
    3 packages of 3x5 notecards
    2 black dry erase markers
    3- 1 inch binders
    1 - 3 subject spiral
    1- 5 subject spiral
    1 box of kleenex 

    School T-shirt—purchased for $10 (for field trips)