• In 3rd grade reading, the students learn many critical thinking skills.  Some of these include summary, fact & opinion, cause & effect, sequece, inference, main idea, and character traits.
    Students are required to read and test on at least one chapter book in their reading level per week.  Each class's week is dependent upon their library day.
    Every Wednesday, students will have a homework paper.  The student is required to read the story aloud twice to someone and then answer the questions on the back of the paper.  We ask that a parent sign the paper to show that the student read it aloud.  These papers will reinforce the skill that was taught that week, so it is important that the student completes their paper.
    3rd grade is required to take the T.A.K.S. test (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) for Reading and Math.  The 3rd graders must pass the Reading test.  They will have an opportunity to take it 3 times if needed.