Debbie Moody 
     6th period

     Welcome to my homepage!
    I teach three courses-Principles of Human Services, Child Development and Parenting, and Communication Applications(changes to Dollars and Sense 2nd semester)

    Dollars and Sense is a course designed to introduce students to the economic system. Throughout this course you will learn about the free market system.  You will also learn how to manage your personalfinances, how to identify needs and wants and how manage your resources toreach your financial goals.  You willlearn how to find reliable information about consumer products and services,government policies, and economic conditions. You will find out what to consider when making big spending decisions and also learn what is important information to know when you use credit, buy insurance, and invest your money.   Lastly you will look to the future and investigate the education and job training that you will need to takeyour place in the work world and become a productive citizen.

     Principles of Human Services is a course that helps students with the process of thinking, communication, leadership, and management.  This course helps teens make the transition from teen to adult. 
    Child Development and Parenting is a course that studies the way children learn from birth to the age of 12.  The parenting part teaches the skills needed to be a good parent as well as how to prepare for the birth of a child. 
    Communication Applications helps students become effective communicators.   
    Each student in my class received a paper that explains my rules for the class.  My main rule is to come to class prepared and all will be well!  I expect each student to have a binder with paper and something to write with everyday.  My big policy is I do not accept late work.  I do not give a lot of homework so that should not be a problem. 
    Please feel free to email me or call the school if you have an issue you would like to discuss. 
    I look forward to a fantastic year. 
    Debbie Moody