• Flipping the classroom

    .  I will be using a teaching model known as the “flipped classroom”. Let’s first start with, what is a “flipped classroom”? 


    In short, a “flipped classroom” takes the traditional model of teaching where I teach and your child goes home and does homework, and flips it!  It allows for students to receive a more individualized math education where my actual face-to-face time with them is being used effectively.  Because of this difference in teaching your child ends up learning the material at a much deeper level.  In addition, it challenges students to learn how to take charge of their learning!  It also is going to provide us much more time in class to have discussions and really dig deeper into the learning through hands on, projects, and inquiry based learning!


    (Frequently Asked Questions)

    How will “homework” change?

    For homework, students will be required to watch videos created by me, where I will teach them the lesson and give examples in the same way they would receive it in class.  What’s awesome about the kids having their instruction via video, they can now pause, rewind, or re-watch any part of the video at any time.  They can even fast forward if they learn at a quicker pace.  Each video covers one concept and each video will be about 4-10 minutes in length.  Students should plan on spending TWICE the amount of the time on homework as the video is in length, since they will also be completing a summary page over each video to show they’ve watched the video.


    The videos can be accessed on our class page on Schoology. Students can get the videos on a flash drive in order to watch them without internet access. Because the videos are online, they can be accessed by ANY internet-capable device, such as a cell phone.  Other options are available by request, such as getting the videos on DVD to watch on a TV instead of a computer.  I will also be at school by 7:45am every morning and I stay after school every afternoon for students to watch videos in my classroom on computers during that time as well if they don’t have internet at home.

    If you have concerns about your child having access to the videos, please let me know and I will make accommodations.